Website design and ecommerce system for Tailors with subscription platform.


Tailorbase is a digital venture born out of Mediacake Agency and targets the Tailoring industry. The concept aims to help bridge the gap between stationary tailors and their internationally based customers that expect efficient re-ordering services.



To make Tailorbase a viable solution for the tailoring industry, we did not want to reinvent the wheel.  It was critical for us to ensure all physical aspects of the actual tailoring process were considered prior to creating a digital version. We also needed to factor in what the clothing users choose would look like when finished to ensure an engaging user-experience that generates trust from users (tailors customers).



Tailorbase is a multi faceted Ecommerce and CRM system that comprises of a webshop that providing all types of clothing, suits, shirts, overcoats and more that can be filtered and customised to every possible detail.

We also built a measurement profile module that collects and stores user measurement data. A shipping feature and of course payment gateways were included. The system also provides trunk show and in-store order taking ability and a customer feedback loop with email notifications.


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