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Industry standard website design and SEO in Bangkok, Thailand


Ah, Thailand. Foreigners know that this is a land of stunning natural beauty, happiness, and amazing culture and cuisine.

STOP! there’s also a bustling web design and marketing industry here.

Like us thousands of tech savvy creatives are banging away on keyboards and pixels to create the next big thing and or helping their clients get ahead in a competitive environment that is Bangkok.

Your here, you have a business and something important to say!

Local and expat businesses, alike, are springing up weekly in Bangkok. The businesses are more sophisticated, and their marketing approaches need to be as well.  Whether you are an expat hoping to cash in on Bangkok’s growing economy or a local wishing to open your dream business, without customers you will not succeed. To draw in customers, you need be thinking seriously about acquiring a strong Web presence. Getting a web presence and communication channel that performs effectively means choosing the web design company that has a track record of good business and online achievements. here are some factors to consider before choosing a website design agency to work with.

You’ve  heard a lot about WordPress lately and wish to upgrade.

Why do we hear so much about WordPress open source system these days. It’s largely due to the online community that allows web designers to deliver high performance websites at a fraction of the cost in comparison to several years ago. WordPress has emerged as the leader in open source website solutions, leaving other CMS systems such as Joomla, Drupal, Blogger and many more way behind. Since Mediacake came to Bangkok we have seen a growing awareness among business owners and marketing teams that used to hesitate when reviewing a WordPress proposal, now this is not the case. It’s only natural that we receive enquiries asking for for cheap websites in Bangkok yet we receive a lot more enquiries that often include the lines such as “we’re familiar with WordPress and think this might be good for us”. Mediacake enjoy  offering effective and affordable solutions to the more budget conscious business owners out there that still need high performance systems to enhance their online side of business. The best part of this is that our clients often come back with new requirements and upgrade needs that can again often be provided for quite painlessly and kept under budget.

We have observed many website design trends over the years and we feel a large movement is happening right now. Search engines have always demanded dynamic content which means websites need to be updated with engaging content. These updates used to be quite expensive and involve hiring a web master to perform them. Times have changed and the majority of website systems available now offer admin area’s that allow content updates to be made. Being able to login and add quality content to a website is not an advanced feature anymore. A website simply wont move through search engine ranks or allow you to engage users without it.

How does SEO work and how does a  website ranked. SEO, simply put, is knowing what to put on a website that will cause search engines to find it and, as a result, for customers to find it, almost like labeling documents in a filing cabinet so that data or documents can be found easily. Attention to content published by you and your business should encourage other online presences to link back to you, this is crucial (Link building). If you can create and generate something that can be published that you know your industry is keen to know or benefit from then this will attract an audience of which will in turn share in their online network. This type of publicity for your content can be spread via social Media which also generates more visibility for your content.

Why will i need SEO, how much does it cost to reach no.1?

The company you choose for your website design in Thailand needs to be well versed in SEO techniques and be able to offer you and your business a genuine service that will add value to the whole venture. As a business you’ll need to be aware of relative costs involved in SEO. Nothing comes for free and to have your business ranked in the top five or even an ambitious no.1 spot takes focus, a lot of work and also ongoing maintenance to sustain that position. The costs are relative to the completion your business is to compete with. Yes we know, you want numbers.. however the best way to acquire these costs is to talk to Mediacake and we can arrange a proposal based on the value of keywords and of course the industry your involved or entering into. Knowing your market and objectives coupled with as successful SEO strategy can turn your business from local to global, the benefits are immense so be prepared to rise to the challenge once you’ve achieved the visibility you desired.

If you want customers to find your website and ultimately to give you business, you need to be aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the compulsory need for it.

Choosing a website design agency in Bangkok, Thailand

Our roles as web & marketing consultants and producers is to make sure your aware of the options mentioned above. We would not be a credible service if we failed to educate you in areas considered to be industry standard. We pride ourselves on informing you about and the relative processes required to achieve a successful online presence at the cheapest price. You will find Mediacake to be very transparent and talk straight hopefully empowering you when it comes to choosing a web design agency here in Bangkok, Thailand.

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