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What Images Make for Excellent Website Content?


People often assume that “web content” is only made up of text. However, the text is not the only component of web content. There needs to be not only textual but visual and aural content present in a well-rounded site.

When it comes to visual content, it’s important to remember there are many types of images that you can use to create a beautiful site. You need to consider both appearance and functionality at the same time. If you fail at one or another, your website will not be nearly as effective as it could be.

Visual content is not only on your site for beauty. Rather, it is an essential factor in improving your user experience. Users tend to be more engaged in your content and stay on the site longer than average when there are images. Pictures can attract people and convey messages more than words. Here are the common image types that you may apply to your website:

Engaging Ecommerce Content


One of the first things that a visitor sees is your company’s logo. A logo represents everything about your company. Poor logo design makes a bad impression on your potential customers. A good logo needs to carry the mission, values, and meaning of the organization. If you are not a graphic designer, this can be quite a tall order. This is why many business owners choose to hire professionals for assistance.

Your logo should be presented in the right place. If it is too small and hidden somewhere in your site, there is no point of having a logo in the first place. To show it off, put your company’s logo in the header. Make it prominent and clearly visible where everyone can see it. You can take your site to the next level by making your logo interactive. Instead of just placing it on your site as a regular image, allow users to interact with it by clicking on it to get to the home page. Having an interactive logo boosts your web content to a higher level.


This type of image is probably one of the most popular of all. Even in some poor-designed websites, it isn’t uncommon to see pictures on their web pages. Photos are the classics of imagery for web content. Many people opt to use photos for various purposes such as themes, demonstrations, and banners.

The most fantastic thing about photos is that it can portray things in real life on the internet. It connects reality to the online world. This is an advantage that other types of images cannot do. Photos increase the associations and connections between your site and the user.

We are fortunate enough to enjoy resources such as Pexels, Unsplash and many more free photo libraries for download. Here is a handy list to be bookmarked by Jann Chambers that lists many more free stock photo sites


One of the up-and-coming types of imagery is an illustration. This shows how creative and trendy you are. Illustrations are commonly used as infographics, comics, storytelling, and advertising banners. There are so many illustration styles and you are sure to find one that you love and that is suitable for your business type.

Vector Illustrations

Having a dedicated team for this job is encouraged. If you don’t see the need for in-house illustrators, however, there’s nothing wrong with hiring professional help outside. Keep in mind that you should consider about the consistency of illustrations. People can get confused if you have too many illustration styles on your site as it will affect your branding. Remember – consistency is key!

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