Web hosting Bangkok – 3 Advantages of Shared Web Hosting for SME’s

Web hosting Bangkok - 3 Advantages of Shared Web Hosting for SME's

For a business to grow in today’s modern era, business owners need to shift their resources towards an online platform. Setting up a website is a crucial part of expanding a small business’s reach, which leaves owners with the choice of subscribing to dedicated or shared web hosting Bangkok.


“Why are shared web hosting Bangkok services perfect for small businesses?”


Websites require web hosting services so that they can have the right resources in developing their website. Regardless of what industry your company is in, a website is necessary for extending your business’ reach. Even a small business needs to have a head start in establishing an online following so that they can have higher conversion rates. Shared web hosting Bangkok services offer numerous advantages and benefits that match perfectly with a small business’ platform and needs.


In this article, we will share three advantages of shared web hosting services for small businesses:


  1. It has competitive features at an affordable cost


Different online businesses require varying amounts of space and bandwidth in running their operations. Content heavy and high-traffic websites need more storage and bandwidth space compared to smaller websites. Although having a dedicated server is a viable solution for these types of sites, the same isn’t true for small businesses.


It gives access to scalability in subscription plans


Small or growing enterprises usually develop a moderate website that has lightweight traffic in their early stages. Because of this, they can manage well without the need for a considerable amount of dedicated server space that eats up their limited budget. Shared web hosting services allow these growing businesses to save up on their website’s upkeep while providing them with a reasonable cost for their server needs.


  1. It has simplified customization options


Shared web hosting providers allow their clients to have different resources available to each website. This allows the individual webmasters of each domain holder to manage their site through a control panel with customized tools.


The simplified user interface allows veteran and amateur web developers to conveniently make changes within one’s website without going through a lengthy process of adjusting the site’s structure. The site’s webmasters can also use the accessibility of the control panels to do tasks like image and content uploads while performing statistics monitoring to keep track of the site’s growth.


  1. It gives access to scalability in subscription plans


When enterprises choose a dedicated server to host their website, they have free to explore the different ways that they can maintain and manage their site’s environment. However, this requires a full IT department to consistently and effectively run the website.


It has competitive features at an affordable cost


Start-ups and small businesses don’t usually have enough resources or staff members to spare in managing an essential aspect of their business. For this reason, shared web hosting services offer the support of skilled technicians that can be reached through the hosting provider. This allows small companies to perform tasks like data backups and site traffic management even if they don’t have the training in handling these digital obstacles to their business.


Shared web hosting providers also provide additional resources, such as extended server space, while giving their customers the variability in adjusting their subscription plans. The flexibility of starting with a low investment makes it easier for small businesses to keep a steady hold on their company’s progress without rushing to a huge commitment in starting their site.




Shared web hosting is an excellent solution for small businesses that need to take their time to build their online presence. No matter how small business owners’ roots are, it shouldn’t stop them from embracing the challenge of slowly but steadily rising as a successful enterprise in their chosen market.


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