Web designers that make your website look professional – 5 things we do

Web designers that make your website look professional

You’re here because it’s either you’re planning on designing your website, or you already have one, but you’re not happy with how it currently looks. Whatever your reason is, you’ve come to the right place. As an experienced digital marketing agency with qualified web designers, let us help you turn your website into a professional-looking one through the help of our five simple tips.


Here are the main things we do as web designers when designing your website:


Your website design is mostly comprised of text. Your choice of fonts can break or make your website. When choosing the fonts for your website, remember the following:


  • Limit your font choices

    Limit your fonts to only three types. One for the heading, one for the sub-heading, and one for the body text. Having too many fonts can ruin the overall look of your website. It can give make your site look cluttered and unprofessional.

  • Use the right font sizes

    If you’re randomly using different font sizes throughout your text, it can be an eyesore. Specify the right sizes for each text type. The headline should be bigger and the text body should be smaller. Knowing which specific texts require an emphasis also helps make everything look clean.

    Identify which font size would look good for your site. The right size depends on the font type and font style you’re using. Finding the right font size can be achieved through trial and error.

Use the right font sizes


To add more visual impact, you must add images to the site, but you cannot just add any images you want. Here are some guidelines in adding images:


  • Limit your image usage

    Not all text requires image support. Images are used to create an impact on the selected information. Unless your web page needs to showcase your business’s products, limit your image usage based on what is only needed. The search engines cannot fully read images yet so don’t make it hard for them. Also, be mindful of your image weight and dimension, which can affect the loading speed of your website.

  • Reflect your brand in the images you’ll use

    Besides the visual appeal of your chosen photo, you should also consider if the quality is good enough for your website. Avoid using pixelated or low-resolution images. Likewise, make sure your chosen image is aligned with your brand message, color, and overall branding.

Now that you know how to tweak the little details and make your site design look more professional, there’s one last step that should do.


  • Make your site mobile compatible

    The majority of people today check the web through their mobile phones. If your website isn’t mobile compatible, it will be more difficult to browse and appreciate your design layout. Avoid losing potential site visitors and customers. Make it a point to optimize your site for mobile usage or invest in a mobile-responsive design from the start.

things we do as web designers when designing your website



Your website aesthetic is the first thing that your site visitors will see. It’s one factor that will define your visitor’s overall experience and would reflect your professionalism. Make your site’s visual appeal one of the main priorities when creating your website. Besides communicating your brand, it should be easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. Most of all, it should be a site that functions and works well.


If you’re looking for web designers in Bangkok to help create your visually appealing website, get in touch with our digital marketing agency today! We’re always happy to help.

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