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We love WordPress and here are some reasons why…


We have been using WordPress to build websites for clients over 3 years and yes, we have to admit that we absolutely love WordPress and so do our clients. WordPress started off as a blogging tool in 2003, come 2014 and WordPress certainly has matured to a full Content Management System (CMS) capable of running any type of site; from a simple information website to a large e-commerce website.

Why WordPress?

We do get this question often from clients on our preference of WordPress over other CMS and here are 3 reasons why we choose to work in WordPress.

1. Content

It is just so easy to publish and update content in a WordPress website without knowing any programming language like HTML. Gone are the days when you had to hire a webmaster just to change a few pictures in the website. Thanks to WordPress, you can update your website regardless of any technical know-hows. This gives you the total control of the website without the great wall of programming blocking the fresh supply of content to the website.

2. SEO

Right off the bat, WordPress is packed with good search engine optimisation tools. WordPress can create meaningful URLs of your website which are easy to read and remember as well as help in SEO. Let’s compare these two URLs and tell us which one do you like:


Meaningful URLs are easier for search engines to find as they contain the keywords in the URL whereas a dynamic URL might not have the keywords at all.

3. Extension and Expansion

WordPress is highly versatile in terms of extending and expanding. Imagine you have an information website at present and would like to expand it to a full e-commerce website accepting credit card payments. A WordPress website can be extended with the use of plugins and custom development to cater for any specific requirement like e-commerce functionality. Thus, having your website in WordPress definitely gives you the future-proof advantage to adapt with any future expansion.

Here is a quick statistic in CMS usage from W3Techs – World Wide Web Technology Surveys, as of 8 January 2013.

WordPress ranks no. 1 in the Most popular CMS with 60% of the CMS market share.
Joomla is at no. 2 with 9% and Drupal at no. 3 with 5.5%

This suggests that us at Mediacake, Bangkok have chosen the right platform, WordPress for website design and development for our clients.

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