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Utilising Website Design to Drive Traffic to Your Thai Restaurant – Our Guide

Drive Traffic to Your Thai Restaurant

Expats and locals alike love Thai food. Seeing as the F&B industry is incredibly competitive, it’s important that you give customers a reason to choose you over other restaurants in your area. One way that you can do that is to make a website that will persuade people to try a dining experience that only you can offer. To make your website appealing to would-be customers, here are things you should consider when building your restaurant’s website:

Ambiance of your restaurant

1) Your website’s design and content should reflect the ambiance of your restaurant

Remember – your restaurant’s website is there to encourage people to go and eat at your establishment. Thus, the content and style elements of your website should already give site visitors a preview of your restaurant’s ambiance, even before they pay a visit. Text, pictures, and other graphics can be used to describe to your web visitors the atmosphere that they should to expect. Web design also helps customers to know what type of outfit they should wear and how much money they should expect to spend when they decide to stop by.

If you have a high-end restaurant, you may want to opt for a special font and elegant graphics on your website. Combine the text and graphic elements with pictures of your restaurant’s plush, carpeted interior and how it looks like from the outside at night. With that, you have a website that delivers the same vibe of affluence that your restaurant exudes. You can even have a CTA button present on the lower right-hand side of the site as visitors browse to encourage visitors to take actions like “order online” or “make a reservation.”

2) Never forget menus and meal prices

People look for menus in the virtual world, just like they would in the real world. After you have given them an idea of what your restaurant feels like, it’s time to offer them what you have. Site visitors judge your menu by the pictures, so it is crucial that you put shots of your food and people enjoying it to make visitors’ mouths water. Your website should also contain the prices of your meals as this will make your site more useful for visitors who are most likely wondering how much each particular delicacy costs. Make sure that you also specify prices and discounts for special offers if customers decide to order in bulk or make an early reservation with you.

Visual Thai Restaurant Menu Example
Visual Thai Restaurant Menu Example – photo credit Korn Restaurant

3) Optimize your content for search engines

People who have never visited a certain place often use search engines such as Google to find restaurants in an area. As such, there is competition among restaurants to score the first slot on the first page of the search engine results. After all, the majority of internet attention is centered there. SEO or search engine optimization can make your website appear higher in Google’s search results so that your presence will be more prominent online.

4) Connect with your visitors through your restaurant’s story

Your fifty-year-old restaurant could have been where famous personalities and politicians have taken a sip of cha-yen. It could be your grandmother’s legacy. Regardless of what story you have behind your restaurant, make your website tell it. For example, Thipsamai’s website narrates how it was born from the ashes of World War II. Stories like these humanize your business and establish a bond between you and your audience. Every restaurant has a unique story to it, so make yours draw customers in!

You can also explain the profound philosophy that underlies the way you serve food that gives or can give your restaurant brand the renown it will be known for. Famous Thai restaurants such as Bo.lan and Soul Food Mahanakorn are known for doing this.

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