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To be spammed or not to be: that is the question


After making websites for a long time we often get reports of sites getting spammed via contact forms and now there is a solution to combat this or is there?

The thing is that a website needs to be accessible at all times and especially at the conversion points usually the contact and submit data points the good parts of which either confirm a sale, booking or fruitful enquiry.

Recaptcha has provided a solution with its robust cryptic type feature. The results are effective and yes you wont receive spam any more but is this a trade off with your websites usability? There is an apparent issue with the typing in of illegible characters that means users must often refresh Recaptcha until legible characters appear, can be deciphered and then typed in. The trouble is that after a few goes this becomes very frustrating for users and this can be verified across many blogs on the web, we know this because we wanted to know what the general feeling about Recaptcha is.

Conclusion: If you can live with a bit of spam and take relative action to dispose of it without feeling invaded or distracted then that’s great – In short move on. Or you could choose to secure your data capture forms using Recaptcha at the cost of your users happiness.

As a web agency we can live with deleting the amount of spam we get but as an ecommerce company or high traffic forum, can you?

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