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The Secret Ingredients Every Successful Website Must Have


We live in a world powered by the Web and every business worth its salt has an online presence. But it’s not enough to simply have a website, what we all hope for is a website that converts visitors into loyal customers. But how on Earth do you do it? What’s the secret ingredient that allows some websites to get millions of hits while others struggle to get 100? Well, don’t despair, us kind folks at Mediacake are opening up our cookbook and sharing a few of our time-honoured recipes.

1) Content Muffins

The old adage on the web goes “content is king,” and it has to be said that a healthy portion of high-quality content goes a long way in satisfying Google. Try blogging at least once a week but focus on quality: grammar, punctuation, and readability are important factors in keeping your readers engaged.

2) Call to Action Cookies

Having great content is good start, but what if your readers have absolutely no idea how to navigate to it? You have to make sure you have plenty of access points on your website for the following:

  • Contact forms – no good having a website if no one can contact you from it.
  • Products or services – whatever it is you sell, make sure your visitors know how to get there.
  • Content/Articles – if you have loads of great articles on your site you want them to be read.

Calls to action can come in the form of big bright clickable buttons, links, popups, banners, the only limit is your imagination. Just make sure that your site flows easily and your users know how to get from a to b.

3) Interaction Ice Cream

Web users often like to feel like part of a community. Giving your users lots of opportunities to share your content, make comments or suggestions, and ask questions is a must. It helps to make your website seem more alive and will probably increase your chances of return visitors.

4) Design Dessert

Though dessert is usually an after thought, your website design shouldn’t be. If content is king, then design is the queen. Your design should be consistent, easy on the eye and visually guide users to your content. As a general rule of thumb, your website only needs to incorporate at most 3 main colours as well as the various functional colours such as black, white, and grey. Use visual cues, such as arrows pointing towards your important content.

Design is integral to a successful website, not just in the way it looks, but also in the way it works. Why not hire us to design your website and let industry professionals with more than 15 years experience design your site.

Here we’ve shared four of favourite successful website recipes. Ultimately, every website has different needs and as such, some websites will benefit from one thing while others might not. The most important things to consider are the ones that transcend design trends and ring true no matter what year it is. Focus on time tested values such as quality, clarity, and honesty and your website is sure to take off like a rocket.

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