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The Importance of Your Website’s Contact Page

The Importance of Your Website's Contact Page

Having a page with your company information is mandatory on any site. It is integral that you develop it like the rest of your website, as it is likely that your visitor will take an interest in what you have more to offer, as well as the industry where you belong. Here is a quick guide on the importance of your contact page, as well as its essential components.

What can your contact page do for you?

Keep in mind that a working and well-designed contact page can be beneficial to your business in many aspects. It can increase the level of customer care service you provide because it connects your customers directly to the designated staff. It can also help you improve your products and service, as a contact page empowers customers to provide you with feedback and other necessary suggestions.

In the modern world, effective communication is two-way. Platforms with one-way communication channels, such as TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers, have already transcended to the internet in order to better engage with their audiences. Indeed, two-way communication is necessary, and as a business owner, your website naturally provides such engagement. Your contact page enables potential buyers to initiate small talk with your company, making it a mutually beneficial aspect.

The essential components of a contact page

Your contact page should be beyond aesthetics and website design—it should be user-friendly and functional, too. Here are the main components of a good contact page:

1 – Provide a contact form

A contact form is one of the simplest ways a potential customer can communicate with you through your website. In fact, most websites use forms on their pages. However, plenty of existing contact forms are either too complex or hard to navigate, which then leads to customers leaving the site.

No matter how simple the contact form may seem, it is actually a combination of several codes and components. All of these need to work seamlessly to ensure the best user experience possible.

For a foolproof contact form design, consider the following:

  • Keep your forms short – Website visitors are more likely to fill in short form because they require less effort
  • Use form boxes as much as possible – Be careful with using drop-down lists and complicated text areas, as most users do not find it pleasant to accomplish
  • Have your contact forms guide your users – Build credibility by installing spellcheckers and format checkers
  • Do not ask for dates and phone numbers – Foreign visitors are wary about providing such information, and that could lead them easily dismissing your website as a scam

2 – List your address

If your business has a traditional store, make sure that you mention its address on your contact page too. If not, provide your headquarters, but think otherwise if you operate at home. If you have multiple addresses, on the other hand, list them all down on your contact page.

3 – Give your number

The presence of a contact number adds credibility and trustworthiness. It ensures the user that you are indeed a real-life company, and such a number provided can help them contact you any time.

4 – Link your social networks

Many websites are equipped with links to their social networks, mostly found in the contact pages. It actually benefits your website, especially if your target audiences are the millennials and Gen Z. As businesses grow, many turn to social media sites as a way to offer customer support, making such links an important part of your contact page.

5 – Provide your email address

Emails are not so convenient, and it is much more simple to fill out a form. However, certain circumstances call for email exchanges between your business and your customers. Attaching files, for instance, cannot be possible using contact forms. For such cases, email exchange is necessary.


Your contact page is crucial to the success of your business mainly because it helps you maintain a connection with your customers. Maintaining and updating it is a matter of customer care. With that, remember to invest in your contact page as much as the other areas of your website.

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