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The Different Types of Web Hosting Services – What to Know

The Different Types of Web Hosting Services

The internet is a battlefield where hundreds of web companies compete to be the number one provider of web hosting. All of them offer varying web hosting plans, and with around thousands of these packages all over the web, things can get vague and confusing really fast.

Technical jargon isn’t helping either. Terms such as bandwidth, DNS, and shared hosting aren’t really beginner-friendly terms to market to consumers. Chances are, an individual who just wants to start an online business or transition to the online selling world might be overwhelmed by the jargon and will just up and quit right there.

While the realm of web hosting can get easily discouraging, know that you don’t necessarily have to be an IT graduate to understand the basics of the service.

If you’re planning to avail of a web hosting service and you don’t know which one to get, then you’ve come to the right place!

Below are the well-known types of web hosting services:

Shared Web Hosting

From the name itself, shared web hosting is a type of hosting in which your website is stored on a server shared byother websites. Basically, it means that you’re sharing the server whilst sharing on the cost. Typically, shared hosting services ask for as low as $5 dollars each month.

While it’s cheap, the disadvantage comes when the other sites you’re sharing the hosting with start to gain more traction and popularity. Since you’re all on a single server, an increase in traffic from other sites will most likely cause your site to slow down.

However, if your site is the most popular on that server, then you’re able to utilize a server with thousands if not millions of reach for a low cost each month.

Shared web hosting is perfect for startup brands with a new website since you won’t need to fight for traffic capacity right away.

Reseller Web Hosting

Essentially, this type of web hosting package is a shared hosting account with additional tools for you to resell hosting space. Reseller web hosting packages allow for better technical control, plus it provides you with billing software to easily invoice clients.

Typically, these extra tools include free website templates, white-label tech support, and private name servers. Depending on the features you need, a reseller web hosting package may cost up to $50 dollars.

This web hosting service is for people who are more familiar with technical dashboards, as well as those who are looking for more flexibility with their website’s hosting.

Cloud-Based Web Hosting

This type of hosting is fairly new, utilizing technology that lets many servers work together as one. It’s like an accumulation of different server space conglomerated into one giant server.

Cloud hosting makes it possible for the hosting company to add more commodity hardware when the need for a larger cloud arises. This type of hosting is advantageous to up-and-coming websites that are starting to gain popularity. Once a website gets a large amount of traffic, the accumulation of many servers is still able to accommodate the traffic surge instead of just temporarily shutting it down.

Cloud hosting is perfect for websites that are rapidly growing and are continuously driving more and more traffic regularly.


The differences in web hosting services are basically in their ability to accommodate traffic. While these aren’t all the types of web hosting services, they’re the most popular ones to date.

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