What’s it all about and why do I need it?

SEO and the need for it is something of which can often send a chill down you’re the back of your wallet. This need not be the case if it is invested in correctly. Traffic will undoubtedly come to your website via Google and of course any other search engine such as yahoo or Bing. To get ahead and achieve good rankings is every online business’s objectives especially achieving no.1 position.

Our SEO process includes high quality structured development of your website and the hierarchy of content toward conversion and linking of genuine quality content. All on site work will be discussed prior to updstes on your website being made. We will also consult with you in order to form a strategy that will increase the value of your website and the quality of visitors to it.

High traffic is not always the most important area to focus, we want quality clicks from the audience targeted.

The investment and how much should a campaign cost?

We usually recommend a time of six months this of course would vary depending on who we are, what our market is and where we want to be. We will advise every step of the way often working with you to create content that search engines will rank you relatively for and value the website for offering good quality relative content to the web. This therefore enhances the intellectual content side of your industry or subject matter. During this time you will receive frequent reports via and APP of how the site is ranking and well-researched suggestions of how we intend to get ahead.

We start by making an analysis of your website and consider areas that will need attention to work inline with the campaign. A research into the ideal meta data such as page titles, descriptions and then page content of which needs to be good quality and relative to our online marketing objectives. This will involve code and page updates of your website. During this process we will observe and maintain a quality of content, after all we want your brand message to be consistent at all times when being seen by your target market.

High traffic is not always the most important area to focus, we want quality clicks from the audience targeted.

Share your project details

Please share your project details (as clear as possible), you will receive a professional and competitive proposal in return.