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RAW + HONEST Cold-pressed juicery Bangkok

Raw & Honest-websites background

Branding, website design with Ecommerce for a modern, innovative and healthy raw juice delivery and cafe concept for Bangkok. RAW + HONEST needed to enter the Bangkok Cold – pressed juice space and really stand out.

There was already several brands on the market in which case a great focus was made in the brand and positioning. We researched trends in Europe, USA to see how some of the bigger brands had evolved their business’s over the years.

We saw that the eCommerce technology in this space wasn’t being fully explored here and that was a big part of RAW + HONEST’s presence and online success. The website ordering process provided easy, accessible and accurate orders and helped the online brand gain traction, all of the way to being Bangkok’s no.1 online cold pressed juice brand.

We felt it was important to achieve the right image for this lifestyle health product range and that’s why we invested in overseas photography to help us position RAW + HONEST here in Bangkok as a global health trend with scalable potential.

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