Prima Art ( Prima group )

High-quality gold handicrafts with unique designs made from (24K) pure gold.


A unique and charming service from the Prima Group, established in 2004 by the Prima Gold international company limited. Hand crafted and elegant designs created from 99.99% (24K) pure gold. Meaningful presents and precious decor items for residential, commercial stores and business offices.



To design and produce a multilingual website in both Thai and English that puts product first and maintains subtle skinning of design with the Prima Art brand guideline. Design and usability needed to be straightforward for the target audience group intended.



A website built in WordPress with Woocommerce (ecommerce for WordPress) was delivered with a big focus on speed and optimisation. Products were organised into inspiring cataogories to help gives users ideas of how the artworks can be gifted. Product id's were also made visible for easy product reference online and offline. The website is totally responsive and switches between both Thai and English languages.


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