Mobile website design

How well does your website work across today's smart phone devices? We’re serious about compatibility, usability and maximum visibility for your website.

More than just mobile responsive.

A well-designed and optimised mobile responsive site will deliver an attractive legible experience to your users.  A mobile responsive site is an ideal way to maximize visibility for your business or organisation. A condensed or well designed and stacked version of your main site will be effective in delivering key information and utilising native mobile technology to help your audience engage with your business and products.

Try opening your website on a mobile phone to see how it looks compared to a desktop or laptop to see the difference. If your existing website doesn’t fit or give the usability that you expect, you may be getting penilised from Google and that affects your rank. The benefits of having a correctly designed mobile version of your website are: Easy to navigate interfaces with key info – Accessible on all mobile browsers – Built and developed on the latest technology platforms – Faster loading times - Universal (CMS) content management.

We use thumbs to navigate mobile websites, a good user interface will ensure maximised interactions and conversions.

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