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Branding & identity

Your business identity represents your organisation - it should be well designed, a good logo will make you stand out in your chosen market.

Get a voice, a personality and a memorable identity.

A logo should communicate the product, be well designed and visually position the business within your chosen market. When it comes to good logo design and brand development we believe the importance and prioritising of it will pay dividends in the future of your business and organisation. Your visual identity is you and your organisation and it’s seen every day by the people who count the most – your customers. We can guarantee an initial visual concept is not going to be enough however often this can lead to a further development or even a great execution and delivery.

the process and getting it right!

How do we get to this stage? The process involves research of current markets that you wish to be positioned in. This research will be backed up with many ideas, conferences, chats, debate and social humour until we arrive at a visual solution. This is all relative research as its how your market will receive and remember your logo and brand. A badly designed logo/identity could do more damage than good if not thought about respectively and professionally.

A badly designed logo/identity could do more damage than good if not thought about respectively and professionally.

Your individual needs and expectations.

A number of factors have to be taken into consideration when designing a logo such as how much research is required, how the logo will be presented in different environments, the size of the business and also the amount of logo concepts and revisions required. Budgets and expectations are of course relative to each and every business organisations unique needs.

Focused on your companies image

Here at Mediacake we like to think we are particularly focused on this area of business development. A great Logo and Corporate identity not only helps you stand out from your competition, it also allows you to consider expansion though effective marketing and brand awareness.

Choosing the right logo designers with progressive brand focus is the key and well worth investing in.

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