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How Your Small Business Can Run With the Big Boys Using SEO

How Your Small Business Can-Run-With-the-Big-Boys-Using-SEO-featured

Currently, David can easily defeat Goliath because of the internet. If you are just launching a business and you want to take over the market, the most logical thing you can do is to defeat your number one competition. If this were in the 1990s, it would take 10–15 years before marketing strategies can bear fruits. Now, however, this feat becomes easy using the internet and search engine optimization (SEO).

Keywords, keywords, keywords

You need to look at the keywords that your biggest competition avoid to use because, well, they’re prominent, relevant, and don’t want PR troubles. Use this to your advantage.

For example, in long-tail keywords, your competition is targeting something like “Amsterdam wedding guide,” but they are not going to target something like “best flowers to buy in Amsterdam’s Floating Flower Market.” There should be a great list out of this topic, and it will become convenient. This is especially unique and helpful to those who plan to do a wedding in Amsterdam with all those fresh flowers.


For comparison keywords, your big competitor won’t be using keywords that compare them to their competitors. For example, Expedia won’t be using the keywords “UrTrip experience versus Expedia experience.” They’re never going to have a page about that. But you can, and you can compare one to the other. This is one of the coolest loopholes small websites have against big websites. 

For editorial keywords, you have the freedom to rank service providers according to your liking. A big competitor can’t do that, especially if they have business dealings with most of the items on your list. You can always go after the keywords that your competitor has a bias against doing. This loophole can give you more power.

Authority, brand association, specific niche

Expedia, for example, is focused on travel. But Travelogue focuses on itineraries that are specific for the city. It also focuses on ranking travel destinations. Travelogue can give focus on a niche that Expedia can’t, so use it to your advantage.

Authority-brand association-specific niche
ref: Expedia campaign

Write harder to monetize content

It doesn’t matter if it takes long enough for your content to convert leads. It helps you funnel the topics that your competition does not have the time or the interest to pursue. Write about the best hiding spots for lovers in a particular city, or the best local artist to buy art from, or the safest walks at 2:00 a.m., and many more.

Write harder to monetize content

Big companies don’t focus on topics like these. They often go for the obvious ones. However, when your niche is particular about a traveler’s experience, you will gain momentum and increase your traffic once one of your topics catches on.

Your content should be more in-depth and more valuable

Your competitor’s every move is calculated. Artificial intelligence (AI) now runs their system. Add a human value to the scale to tip it. If a topic keyword is significant to you, and you feel like a lot out there need that topic too, write ten more of it. Your competitor can’t afford to do the same. Put more effort into that topic, and talk to a lot more people to give it credibility. Your competitor can afford to do that but won’t because they will almost certainly feel like it’s a waste of time.

Build 1-1 relationships

Talk to the local artist to build better content. Present yourself personally. Post as many pictures on your business’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. These activities can amplify your presence and give you visibility on those keywords. Your big competitors always do things at scale. The significant disadvantage to that is they can’t give focus as you can. This is one of your most significant advantages as a small business owner.

Build 1-1 relationships


Think about the tips above and apply them. Content is king nowadays. That’s why if yours is always better than the competitor, then you already know who rules.

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