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How to Optimize Videos for Web design – Our Guide

Optimizing Videos for Web-Design

Ever since the introduction of HTML5, video is now the latest trend in web page designs. If utilized correctly, the use of video adds a compelling, stylish, and artistic element to any website. It may be a short, informational video about your business and its services, or a way to showcase your products in a more dynamic light.

Either way, videos grab people’s attention, and it is almost impossible to ignore. Considering how we have better and faster internet connections over the recent years, combined with improved web browsers, makes for the perfect mix of circumstances to start utilizing the potential of videos to build a website that encourages user stimulation and customer interaction.

The ways to do it, however, go beyond making a Youtube window pop-up on a webpage. There are creative footage embedding techniques that allow for flexible integration of videos, and here’s how to do it:

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1. Extensive Brand Video Integration

This makes the use of multiple clips in different pages of the website to convey a message – be it an in-depth tutorial on a brand’s product, an introduction to their services, or an eye-catching skit that showcases a particular lifestyle associated with the brand. How it’s executed can vary – from cinemagraphs, GIFS, interview clips, testimonials, product demonstrations, or a behind-the-scenes look at their organization, all have the same potential to create an immersive and evocative website.

2. Welcoming Background Videos

The brain can process images and videos at a rate of 60,000 times faster than text. In that regard, videos hit it right on the nail as it holds the capacity to engage visitors instantly. If you want to showcase your brand on the first go, a background video can show and say more within 30 seconds than a text ever could.

This visual summary of your company’s services can promote a sense of clarity to your brand, which can make for stronger call-to-actions and higher conversion rates. Not to mention, it is non-intrusive and purely eye candy as most background videos don’t require voice-overs, interviews, or licensed music. Not only can it help to quickly grab people’s attention, but the production to create it is less demanding, allowing you to save your budget in the process too.

3. Video Hover Effect

Even the smallest effect can change the overall user experience in web design, and one of the effects included that are rising in popularity is the hover or mouseover effect. It’s a transitional effect that prompts the video to play when you move your mouse over a certain element in the webpage, such as a seemingly static image.

The purpose behind this is to reduce the effort users make to view more details or access key information. It is also a clever way to hook visitors compared to traditional click-to-play videos as they have no option to opt out of watching, allowing for more seamless integration of videos on any website.

It is highly effective in desktop as it highlights your brand in the most visually interesting execution, but the downside of this mouseover effect is that it doesn’t translate smoothly to mobile users.

Having a dedicated team for this job is encouraged. If you don’t see the need for in-house illustrators, however, there’s nothing wrong with hiring professional help outside. Keep in mind that you should consider about the consistency of illustrations. People can get confused if you have too many illustration styles on your site as it will affect your branding. Remember – consistency is key!

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