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How To Increase Sales With a Modern Website Design

How To Increase Sales With a Modern Website Design

A well-thought and well-designed eCommerce website can mean the difference between making more cash or having a higher bounce rate. The most basic purpose of your site is to make it appear effortless, quick and stress-free for your visitors to buy stuff from you. Regardless of how eye-catching your online advertisements are, if your website does not look conducive for potential customers, they will only leave as soon as they entered.

Nobody wants to buy from a stall that is dirty and cluttered unless they have no choice. However,  there are many online business rivals that customers can choose from so you have to take web design seriously.

Make your adword dollars worth their value by making your web visitors linger and look around longer. Thus, when you are designing or planning to improve your website, make sure to consider the following:

User Experience

A visitor’s decision to make a purchase is influenced by every single feature found in your website. The images, the layout, the presence of contact or feedback forms, all of these affect their choices. It will significantly benefit your web design if you try to put yourself in your visitors’ shoes to see and feel and what they will see and feel when they visit your site.

User Experience

Providing your site visitors an excellent experience reinforces their trust and confidence in you. They will eventually come back and patronize you for their needs. Aside from immersing yourself in what your site visitors may experience, you can also enlist a friend or hire somebody to give a second opinion.

Let them describe and evaluate how useful your website is, how easy it is to navigate within site, how visually appealing it is, and how satisfied they were overall in using your site.

Website Design

Customers are more comfortable with websites that have a minimalist design than with a site with a confounding layout that intimidates them. Thus, to improve your website’s conversion rates, you have to give it a simpler look. Remove any unnecessary option or information. Neutral colors, subtle design themes, and lots of white spaces help your visitors focus on one detail at a time on your website.

Modern Website Design

Do away with distracting links, images, and videos. The flow and layout of the text, titles, and other media should encourage visitors to continue navigating around. Your calls to action should be short, simple, and seen clearly: “download now,” “subscribe here,” “click here  to buy.” The overall design should give off a professional, austere experience.

This is in contrast to some intimidating websites that have content arranged in a way that each one is competing for the visitors’ attention. Web design platforms such as WordPress , Shopify or our favorite Woocommerce have these themes which you can apply. At the same time, these themes still require focused design attention and customisation to align toward your exact online objectives. In fact it’s often best to start from scratch while using some theme’s as a guide for user interface ideas and experiences.

The Shopping Cart Button

The shopping cart button is an essential part of your eCommerce website. In the real world, shopping carts offer customers convenience. It’s also the same in the virtual market. Most e-commerce websites have a shopping cart icon in their pages to enable users to see what they have already picked while shopping online. It also reminds the customers that their purchase is in progress.

The Shopping Cart Button

Conversion rates have been shown to increase whenever a cart button is visible during the entire time the visitor is browsing your website. The design of the cart button is usually shaped like an actual shopping cart although the button design can vary from company to company. What is important is that the button should appear more conspicuous than the background. Using bright colors and larger shapes can make the button easy to find.

Pricing Transparency

Web design is not all about smoke and mirrors. It should promote transparency and honesty to boost conversion and retention rates. Consequently, your website’s plan should be clear and straightforward when it comes to the price of the products or services you are selling. Make them feel that you are a trustworthy merchant. The website’s design should reinforce that positive feeling. Complicated or intimidating designs may make your visitors feel that they are being lured into a trap.

Pricing Transparency

Display your pricing information as it is, in a page that is easy to access from the homepage. Make that information easy to understand. The pricing information of the product or service also applies to price information for the shipping.

Let your visitors immediately see and know the shipping costs and the shipping policies they need to know. Show this relevant information to them. This would help eliminate shopping cart abandonment. Design your website in such a way that they will see the total cost they need to pay, including the breakdown of the charges.

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