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How to Establish Customer Trust Through Your Website – Our Guide

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The trust of users in your business is important. One of the best ways to establish trust is through your website. So, how do you do it? 

HTTPS Secure

One of the strongest indications that you run a secure website is by ensuring that it’s HTTPS secure. Users can easily spot this by looking at your URL address, and if they see it’s not HTTPS, they’ll probably run in the other direction and never revisit your website. 


Reviews are one of the most valuable pieces of content on your website. Over the years, the number of people who check reviews first before they decide to trust a company or make a purchase has grown exponentially. This means that reviews have a vital role in building your site’s trustworthiness. So, encourage your clients to leave reviews on your website. You can also integrate the reviews that you get on other online properties, such as on your social media accounts, to your website. 

Social Proof

Showing social proof on your website will help establish trust. You can do this by adding social media buttons on your website. This is valuable because the more online properties your business has, the better. It’s better to have the number of followers on each social media account to reflect on your website as well. This will help your site visitors decide if you’re a trustworthy business or not. 

Contact Information

Make sure that your website shows all your contact details so that site visitors can contact you easily when needed. Hiding your contact details or totally not having a contact page on your site will make your business look suspicious. 

Website Design

You might not think that your website design will affect how trustworthy your business is, but you’ll be surprised that it has a significant impact on how people view you as a business. Clean and modern website design will let site visitors know that you’re keeping up with the trends, which means that your business is active and you’re focused on improving your online properties. These are factors that can influence if a user will trust your website or not. 

Team Members

Putting a face behind the website increases credibility, therefore builds trust. Add your photo on the about page. Show your teams’ faces as well by adding their photos on your staff page. This also allows your business to reach out to customers on a more personal level that will make them trust your website and your business. 


Instead of populating your website with sales-y content, provide resources that will help visitors see the benefit of your product or service. Valuable content and resources to offer solutions and address pain points are vital when building trust. Use your website to give it to them. For example, you can create blog posts to explore issues relevant to your products and services. You can also share case studies and build a knowledge base that will bring valuable information to people who visit your site. 

Build or improve your website with these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to build trust amongst your site visitors. Consequently, it will build your business’s credibility that will help you grow.

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