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How to Create an Outstanding Website

How to design an outstanding website

When you create a website for your brand, you cannot forget to think about web design. This is particularly true if you put your store online because your web design is the first thing that people are going to see.

If you fail to make a good first impression, there is a low chance of your visitors turning into leads. No matter how amazing your product is, visitors might not make a purchase if your web design fails to impress.

A clean web design points out many things about your brand such as professionality, consideration, and legitimacy. Some people may think that putting effort into content and social media campaign is more important.

However, the fact of the matter is that no one is going to stay on your site long enough to read the content that you publish if the design is too confusing to use.

Before you revamp your entire site, it is essential for you to understand why you need good web design. It is one of the useful elements that encourage people to buy their products. Your brand’s website represents your whole company.

In fact, it is both your store and salesperson. The primary factors that you need to consider are aesthetic, call-to-action, and navigation. If you are ready to dive in, here is how to design an outstanding website & why you should hire a web designer in Bangkok.

Create an easy-to-follow user journey

If a user gets lost on your website, they won’t be able to make a purchase. Eventually, they will simply leave, or “bounce off,” your site in favour of that of your competitors. Although your website is all about your brand, it is primarily created for online users. You need to think about the users more than about making sales.

Put yourself in their shoes and create a user journey accordingly. When a user clicks on your brand’s site, they don’t know what to expect. It is your job to create a website that navigates and leads them to the right page. This is how you can improve your conversion rate.

Create an easy-to-follow user journey
Create an easy-to-follow user journey

Develop a conversion funnel

Think of the journey that your potential customer will take through your website before you make a layout. The best way to create a site is to think like a customer. Everything needs to be simple and easy to use. You will need to consider the steps it takes for a prospect to convert.


Make sure that the journey beginning from the homepage to the check out page goes smoothly. Most users want to see reviews of products, item descriptions, and contact information. These are the things that you need to put on the site. Once you are able to provide good user experience, your visitors might turn to be your loyal customers.

Emphasize your call-to-action

The most significant feature for a conversion funnel is your call-to-action. If users are unable to find the call-to-action, there is no way that you will get a sale. Outstanding web design cannot be completed without this feature.


It is crucial to make your call-to-action stand out. Aside from that, it needs to be aesthetically appealing and encourage users to interact with it. If a customer cannot detect your call-to-action at first glance, you have failed to make it stand out.

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