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How to Correctly Perform Website Maintenance – Our Guide

How to Perform Website Maintenance Correctly

If your website is in need of some proper maintenance, you want to make sure that you don’t forget any steps and leave it vulnerable. After all, you wouldn’t want anything serious to happen to your website after you worked so hard to get it up and running, would you? Here are all the steps you must go through to thoroughly assess your website and maintain it efficiently:


Website Usability Test

Be sure to review and test your entire website every once in a while. Make sure all pages are up and running. They should be working how you want them to. You should definitely be testing after making any major updates or changes. You want to make sure that the user experience is good, the load times aren’t long, and there are no broken links. Check for inconsistent formatting, typos, or any other errors. Test out the forms and checkout function. You should also test out your advertisements and make sure that all information on the website is accurate and up-to-date.

Analytic Reports

Analytic Reports

You should be checking your marketing analytic reports monthly. Making sure that your marketing efforts are working is crucial in bettering your business. You want to be able to know how your website is performing. Keeping an eye out for any issues will help you identify any problems that you need to fix as they arise.

Bug Fixes and Security Updates         

Bug Fixes and Security Updates
Mediacake uses Securi as our chosen WordPress Security Partner.

Be sure that you are constantly updating the software and installing upgrades, patches, bug fixes, and anything else that is needed. These patches and updates should be installed as soon as they are released, so get your web developer and hosting provider on it!

Domain Names

“It’s always a good idea to renew your domain to the more than one year if possible”. You can ask Mediacake to do this for you at the registrar of your domain name.

You want to consistently renew your domain names every year. Allowing them to expire can result in you losing one of the most important parts of your website. Your domain name is your pride and joy, so to make sure it stays, set a date on your calendar to renew it.

Review Backups


Make sure that your whole website, including all its data, is backed up. You might want to contact your hosting company to ensure that all your data is retrievable. If something were to happen to your site, you should have all the information and data backed up and ready. There should be no risk of losing data, as this can potentially ruin your whole site. Backups should be synced and updated again as changes are made in order to make sure that the information and all backups are updated.

Test Your Sites Browser Compatibility

Test Your Sites Browser Compatibility
Because we enjoy all manner of mobile devices now then it’s paramount for Mediacake to rigorously test our website across a useful and reliable browser compatibility tester.

Over time, website layouts may become incompatible with certain browsers. Be sure to regularly test out your website on various internet browsers. If your site is not reachable in all browsers, you may lose potential customers as a result. Have your web developer go through and test your website out in all available browsers, or at the very least, the most widely used ones.

Make Sure Dates Are Updated

Make Sure Dates Are Updated

Copyright dates or any specific date references should be updated throughout your website. It is crucial that there is no outdated information on your website, and this includes your date-specific text as well as any other important dated information.

Website maintenance may be time-consuming, but it’s crucial if you want to present visitors with a functional and beautiful site. With Media Cake, your website will be the least of your concerns. Whether you’re in need of a redesign or just help with upkeep, our experts are more than happy to help.

If you’re looking for a professional web maintenance agency in Bangkok to help you keep your website well maintained, get in touch with us to see how we can help!

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