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How to Boost Engagement to Your Website – Our Guide

increasing web engagement

Getting people to come to your website is one thing, but convincing them to stay is an entirely different challenge. Even if you craft the perfect PPC and develop a solid SEO strategy to entice consumers to visit your site, it will all be for nothing if they don’t even stay and engage. 

Many marketers and business owners focus their energy on grabbing customers’ attention that they tend to overlook visitor value and engagement. While it’s true that you have to prioritize tactics that help attract leads, don’t forget that you also have to keep buyers engaged so you can generate conversions and have them come back for more. 

To help you boost user engagement on your site, here are some proven and tested tips: 

Reduce page load times.

First things first, you should make sure that your visitors won’t have to wait long for your page to load. Otherwise, they will get antsy and exit the site even before they see your content. You can use free tools like Pingdom to check if your site loads within a reasonable amount of time. If not, you can improve the load speed by eliminating unnecessary elements from the pages. “If your landing page is too slow, almost half your potential visitors admit they’re less likely to make a purchase,” an Unbounce study revealed. You don’t want those potential customers to go to a competitor, do you?

Produce valuable content.

You probably already generate useful content through your SEO strategy, but there’s no overstating how valuable content is incremental to keeping users interested in engaged. As per the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), small businesses that have blogs pull in 126% more leads than companies without one. In addition to producing tutorials and informative content, you should also look into creating compelling, shareable images that users can distribute amongst themselves. 

Display related resources.

An excellent trick to keep users engaged is to show content that is related to what they’re consuming at the moment. Similar to internal linking, showcasing relevant posts at the end of each blog post can help them find more information about the topic they’re reading about. This will keep them on your site longer and contribute to the increase of your page views. Plus, the longer they stay on your website, the more chances you have of making a sale. 

Keep your navigation and site design clutter-free.

There’s nothing more frustrating than navigating a site with content spread all over and a menu that doesn’t clearly tell you where to go. If your website is overloaded and difficult to browse, you’ll end up with a high bounce rate and lose potential customers. See to it that your navigation is streamlined to allow users to get to the page they want to visit as quickly as possible. It’s also essential to make sure that you don’t pack the page with too much content to avoid overwhelming new visitors.

Is your site engaging?

Do an assessment of your current website to check if it’s designed well enough to keep visitors engaged. If not, send us a message, and we’ll help you build a site that converts. 

If you’re looking for a web maintenance agency in Bangkok, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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