Glow Hotels (InVision Hospitality)

Hospitality partner for strategy and management projects around South East Asia.


The Glow hotel group is a managed brand from it's parent company InVision Hospitality. InVision provides strategy and management solutions for new or existing hospitality projects throughout Southeast Asia. InVision has properties located in Thailand, malaysia and Vietnam that embrace concepts at the forefront of contemporary hospitality.



Glow hotels were suffering with an out dated and inaccessible website framework that was in serious need of an overhaul. Due to the expansion of the Glow brand this meant that a new system made it easy for administrators to duplicate and edit a website model that aligned wit a new hotel within the brand and network.



Glow has already a strong brand and presense in which case the design approach from Mediacake side was a Glow hotel and brand first. Full screen imagery of the hotels and neat yet functional navigation. The project was delivered in a multisite system and all hotel branches made accessible from each single Glow branch.


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