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Don't forget to provide budget

For some reason clients are hesitant to mention how much money they have to spend on web design services or what they spend on visual marketing communications on a yearly basis. The assumption is that if they provide the budget the chosen marketing/web design agency will find ways to spend it all and or that they won’t receive competitive cost bids.

This is a false assumption. The reason website and graphic design agencies like to know the budget is:

1) To determine if the budget is in line with the scope of work expected
2) So that they can determine the optimum approach for the money available.

We love to think about how we would approach a web marketing opportunity and what we could do to best help a client. The difference between a $20,000 budget and a $500,000 budget makes a huge difference in how web design and marketing agencies will craft solutions. Web, graphic and marketing communications agencies can do their best planning when they know what they have to work with.

If you make them guess then you may receive a plan that in no way represents your budget reality. If you don’t know what your marketing and media budget is, for example, it is really hard to know what web, graphic and marketing creative to recommend and how much it will cost. So, whenever possible provide a budget even if it is approximate. Website design and graphic design agencies will be happy to itemise how your money will be spent. Then you can decide who provides the best value and service.

Ref: Re-Group

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