Custom Development or Standard CMS: Which Is Better for You?


If you’ve been looking to expand the online presence of your business by creating a website, then you might be considering whether to go for custom development or a standard CMS. As confusing as it may sound, there are some points you can consider to make your decision-making process a little bit easier for you.


Before anything, there are several things to take note of when starting a new web project. You will need to consider the type of business you’re involved in, the kind of marketing you’re going to need, and the budget you’re willing to spend. When all of that’s taken care of, you can now move on to the next step—figuring out whether you need a customized system or a preconfigured system.


To help you make that decision, here are a few factors that will help you decide on the best web system for your business.

Allocate Your Budget

Before beginning your project, you need to decide on a budget that you’re willing to shelve out for your website. When it comes to sheer price range, custom development tends to be more expensive than a standard CMS, but they have the potential to haul in more income in the long run.

Custom development focuses on the needs of your business, which makes it capable of achieving a quicker ROI due to its customization capabilities. They’re also proven to be much more stable and flexible should you decide to expand your website later on.


Consider the Turn-Around Time

If you’re considering how fast the development time of your project should be, then a standard CMS is your best bet. Thanks to its array of plugins, presets, and templates, developers are able to handle your website much faster, thus making it a quick turn-around for a project to finish.

On the other hand, custom development makes use of available work to form a professional-looking website. Through the use of ready-made web designs that focus on your target consumers, developers are able to allot more time to fully complete the proposed project. While this may take a little bit more time, this ensures that your website is up-to-standard with what you want for it.


Keep User Experience in Mind

Depending on how visually appealing your website is, luring in more customers and acquiring more profit can become more streamlined. With the help of custom development, your business website has the potential to become incredibly aesthetically-pleasing, easy to use, and highly convenient.

In addition, this gives your users a truly satisfying experience on your platform. To provide them an even better platform, you can even take into consideration the suggestions of your customers!


Prioritize Your SEO Standing

With a custom development being created from scratch, you’re actually able to produce better SEO performance—which can ensure that you land a good ranking on search engines. That’s because your website will be formed based on the priorities of your audience.

Take SEO in Bangkok, for example. Experts make sure to work with both web development and SEO in mind to achieve better results.


Improve Your Online Presence

Having a well-developed website and a significant social media presence undoubtedly benefits your business in the long run. Not only will it help your user experience, but it eases usability over time as well.

Through custom development, you end up achieving better results that are in line with your project requirements. On the other hand, a standard CMS uses code that’s more complicated, which can affect the overall performance of your website in the long run.



In the end, it all depends on what your company needs. If you have a certain budget and only a short period to wait around, then you should go for a standard CMS. However, if you have the power to set the rules all you want, then custom development may be the way to go.

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