CMS Development

Open source systems, WordPress or custom CMS systems developed upon request.

Open source Content Management Systems.

We know that having complete control over a website is power. CMS (Content management systems) come in many different shapes and sizes these days from heavy weight open source systems to lighter versions of which all offer various levels of functionality. We tend to use Word-press whenever possible as we feel it’s all round capability and easy to use back-end offers good performance and often proves to be an affordable solution for our clients.

For websites and systems that need to perform at the fastest speeds then there’s only one option and that’s to make them from the ground up. Here at Mediacake we understand the importance of custom made control management systems and decided to make our own. You may find that a custom CMS could be more expensive but it can be developed to give you the exact functionality you need and can often deliver enhanced user experience and website loading times.

We use thumbs to navigate mobile websites, a good user interface will ensure maximised interactions and conversions.

A website that evolves with your business.

We know that your website needs to be as scalable as your business and also know it needs to be an affordable process along the way. By making assessment of your business and organisation needs we can visualise the requirements of the website and the CMS. Then by applying the right solution, open source or custom CMS systems we can tell you how we can help with upgrades as and when they are needed.

Here at Mediacake we have a track record of building websites to last and always allow upgrading possible. We maintain that your website will be accessible to you at all times with secure un-complicated administrator rights and always be at a level where functionality is solid across all platforms.

By using the latest technology and always considering your administration needs we are confident that our approach to CMS systems deliver exactly what you are looking for.

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