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6 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Emotionally Engaging


The world of information technology is forever part of business strategies. Whether that strategy revolves around safe-keeping customer information or improving a product, IT is there to play a role. Today, we’ll talk about web design strategy and how you can create an emotional connection between your content and the reader.

1. Choose the Right Color

When speaking about embedding emotions into the design, colors come to mind. The theory of color psychology claims people are affected by color, and differently for each unique color. You can set the emotion that you want your customers to feel through color psychology. Red can signify a discount, while yellow can shout alert. Adding purple, blue, or green to your website can give an aura of trustworthiness and can also make your visitors much more comfortable and relaxed using your site.


2. Add Something Funny

When creating your website, add humor to conjure this joyous emotion. However, be that some businesses will benefit from humorous content, while others do not. If you try too hard to joke around, you’ll become the joke. To apply this strategy, you’ll have to get the timing right. Take the 404 error message as an example. Instead of the generic text, you turn it into something funny. This way, your customers will laugh and relax immediately

3. Make Your Audience Smile

Smiling, or rather the expression of happiness and friendliness is vital to a sale’s success. Not only can smiling be seen, but it can be heard. If a customer is talking to a salesperson on the phone, they’ll most likely be able to tell if that person is smiling or not. Happiness builds trust and confidence, and this is what you should want as a business.

Many people subconsciously intend to make other people happy. Implement this into your web design strategy, and your customers will be confident in your products and services.

4. Show that You Care

Implementing this strategy requires that you know your target audience. By sharing customer stories and testimonies, your viewers will be able to relate to the stories. If, for example, you’re a storage company trying to come up with situations where you played a significant role in a customer’s life. You remember a customer who wanted to go to a retirement village but needed a place to store belongings. They couldn’t throw away those items because of the tremendous emotional value of the items. That was when you stepped in and provided an affordable storage solution for that customer. By sharing this, if you have customers in a similar situation, they will be inclined to seek your services.

5. Appeal to Human Nature

People love babies for their adorable features or even an animal that looks like a ball of fur, as they give a sense of warmth and comfort. In the same sense, customers love it when they find your site adorable and attractive. They’ll enjoy the warmth your website evokes as they surf around looking for what will satisfy their needs.

6. Pay Attention to Details

Similar to a painting, the tiny details make up the entire work. Add little bits of attention-grabbing visuals or humorous texts on your website to make your customer smile. Implement different animations that make sense and delivers a message, like an item flying into a shopping cart to signal a purchase. Though the details are tiny, they will not go unnoticed.

It is said that you shouldn’t act on your emotions. However, when it comes to designing your website, you will know what is best. If your website makes you feel good, your customers will feel good as well. If it makes you laugh, they’ll do the same. Stop taking web design strategies professionally and start taking it personally.

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