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5 Aspects of Your Website That Must Be Kept Updated

5 Aspects of Your Website That Must Be Kept Updated-featured

Making sure that your website is up-to-date shows your customer that you care, not only about your business but about them as well. Although many aspects of your website can technically be updated, some are a little more important than others. Regular updating of your website is crucial for staying on top of the competition in today’s digital world. Here are five things you must keep updated:

1. Copyright Year

Over 90 percent of all websites have an outdated copyright year. Some sites are dated to 2011 while some even date back to 2003! This only shows that you haven’t touched your site for years. If you want to prove to your customers that you take online activities very seriously, update your copyright year. You’ll build credibility and lead your potential customers to trust you more. To make your life easier, ask your webmaster to set up an automated process to update your copyright year.


2. News, Forums, and Blogs

Many websites contain blogs. However, webmasters often ignore this aspect because either they’re reluctant to keep it updated or they do not have enough time to do so. The real issue comes when forums and blogs aren’t updated for a very long time, weakening the trust visitors have in your business. Keep your news, forums, and blogs up to date. If your webmaster really cannot keep updating your blogs, remove the date from your old posts. Alternatively, consider hiring someone online for content creation.

News, Forums and Blogs

3. Social Activities

Social networks are vital to a business’s success. They’re an essential aspect of any business’ marketing schemes, connecting customers to your promos and ads. Websites are even ranked according to their social signals by search engines today! Because of this, your website should have social media widgets (links) to help enhance your online marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most sites have outdated social media links—ones that no longer exist or ones that lead to suspicious-looking sites. Don’t embarrass yourself by doing this.

If you want your site to come across as professional and serious, regularly update your social media links. Not only should you link promotions and offers but also news articles that are relevant to your business. You’ll attract more potential customers to your company’s social media and improve conversion rates this way. If you can’t bother with social networks, remove any social media widgets that exist on your website altogether. However, maintain your social share buttons, as your customers may still find exciting content they want others to know. Plus, that’s free marketing for you!

4. Favicons

Many websites today are built on commercial and open-source platforms. These platforms contain a variety of tools that allow for easy updates and configurations to be made on the site for those who aren’t tech-savvy. However, many site owners do not know that the default favicons (favorite icons) can be replaced with their own custom-made ones. Default favicons can look out of place, not matching with the website’s look.

With custom favicons, users can switch to your website’s tab quickly as your icon is more recognizable and unique. Make sure that your custom favicon is added using HTML code or with tools made available by the platforms.

5. Phone and Address

Keeping your contact information updated may sound like a no-brainer, but it is something often forgotten by website owners. Do some tests to make your contact form is working and that you are receiving emails from it without issues. Make sure your phone number and address updated as well, especially if you’ve just moved your operations to a new location.

Your website is your business’s face. If that face is outdated, your company will suffer. With that said, make sure that your website is updated regularly.

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