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4 Common Wrong Decisions for Your Web Hosting – What to Know

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Web hosting plays a crucial role in your digital business. When your chosen hosting is down, so is your website. When that happens, you can’t get any amount of money because any potential customer can’t access your site to purchase a product or service. For this reason, entrepreneurs must ensure they do not perform any grave mistakes in their web hosting plan. 

Here are four wrong decisions most entrepreneurs do with their chosen web hosting: 

1. Using Free or the Cheapest Option

There’s nothing wrong with being frugal. However, if your business also gets compromised in the process, you need to start reevaluating your financial choices. In reality, you’re missing out on a ton of revenue compared to when you used a more reliable service provider that offers more flexibility, functionality, security, and support. 

Some problems come with using a free or cheap service. First, your web host has the authority to place advertisements on your website, and the worst part is you don’t even get a share of the revenue. Next, your website can only run limited scripts and videos. You’ll also have a slower loading speed compared to sites with premium plans. 

2. Being Unaware of Shared Vs. Dedicated Hosting

For shared hosting, you’re sharing one server with other websites that paid for the same service as you. Since every website is using the same server, one site can potentially exhaust the server’s resources, which causes technical problems on other websites. In essence, these include the spread of malicious codes, viruses, slowing down of loading time, and potentially the collapse of a server. 

If your visitors get interrupted while browsing through your website, you can expect them to leave and never return. After all, who would bother navigating through a site that always crashes down? If your shared web hosting still affects your website’s downtime, it is best to switch to a different plan, specifically a dedicated hosting variant.

3. Establishing a Silent Relationship With Customer Support

Make sure to build rapport with the technical support team of your service provider. In doing so, you can easily communicate with them when the need arises. Additionally, make sure that they offer 24/7 technical support. Otherwise, you risk getting a slow or down website for several hours, which can affect your sales significantly. 

4. Avoiding the Terms and Conditions

Although it’s a standard practice to skip the terms and conditions, consumers should always read and understand them. Remember that you don’t need to read everything, but only the essential parts would do. In essence, these are the refund and cancellation policies. However, it is best to read the entire terms and conditions to equip yourself with substantial knowledge if something unexpected happens. 


The mentioned corrupt practices above are strictly off-limits for entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the benefits of their hard-earned money by paying an excellent and reliable web hosting service. You should also familiarize yourself with disk space and bandwidth usage to ensure your website’s performance is always smooth.

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