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4 Aspects You Should Know about Images in Websites – What to Know

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The consumer’s expectations towards a website have entirely changed in recent times. They now demand a website that isn’t only visually appealing and also highly functional at the same time. They want a site that provides valuable information and content and even offers entertainment. Other than that, they ever want an online hub for social engagement and constant interaction. 

With these many changes, you’ll have to do what it takes to create a website that clearly represents your brand and effectively conveys a particular message. Whether you’re utilizing videos, graphics, or images, you want your site to cater to the needs and meet the expectations of your target audience.

That said, let’s focus on one essential element that can boost user experience and work wonders for your website, which is by using images. To unleash the power of images on your website, consider the valuable information below.

1. Viewers look at images more than text.

Did you know that 37 percent of the population in the world are visual learners? For the most part, people prefer images over texts. Imagine your website without any images— completely dull and boring! That said, make sure to incorporate the use of images that have a high-quality resolution, are compelling, and meaningful. Otherwise, they defeat the purpose of appealing to the customers and conveying a strong branding message.

2. Visual images grab attention and stir emotion.

In line with the statistics previously mentioned, another figure suggested that 90 percent of all information most people perceive is visual. This is because visual images can catch their attention and stir their emotions. This is why you must post compelling images that appeal to the audience. Use subjects that can tell a story, and that can stir the viewers’ emotions. 

3. A brand logo orients users or visitors.

If there’s one essential type of image you’ll find on every website, it is the company logo. A company logo plays a vital role in accomplishing two very important aspects of your website. First, a logo helps your visitors identify your brand or business. Second, it reminds your visitors that they haven’t left your web pages. That said, create an effective brand logo that represents your business and reaches out to your target market at the same time. Ultimately, a company logo is instrumental in increasing brand recognition and awareness.

4. Meaningful images can make a difference.

Meaningful images don’t necessarily mean that since people look at images more than texts, you can just post anything you want. Images published should be meaningful, and they should to represent your brand and convey a sensible message. That said, consider two aspects when deciding to post a particular image. First, assess why you choose a particular image and not a different one. Second, know where you are going to place it. In the end, you should only use images that support your content, your brand, and your business in general.

There’s no denying that the use of images is still the most popular and universal medium. When you use images effectively, they will increase the success of your business.

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