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3 Things Web Developers Can Offer to Healthcare Organizations

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Within the healthcare industry, new technologies are always welcome. Not only do they provide medical professionals with new ways to treat diseases, but they also educate the patients and act as additional channels of communication. This channel can be implemented by web developers with the help of web and mobile technology.

Everyone deserves to live a healthy life. Being able to access the right information and contact medical professionals when necessary is essential to a certain standard of well being.


Today, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies have given thousands of patients peace of mind, knowing that healthcare services are ready to help when they are in need. Thanks to mobile applications, healthcare providers can now continuously stay in touch with patients, making it easier for them to administer timely treatment.

Here are three ways web developers and designers can be of use to medical organizations:

1. Educating Patients

Many of us know that the internet is one of the first places anyone will head for an answer to practically anything. Unfortunately, consulting with the internet may provoke an individual into believing he or she has twenty different diseases that share the same symptoms—a condition known as cyberchondria. For many, however, the internet can help them understand what they’re dealing with in order to seek the appropriate medical help.

The most crucial aspect of any healthcare business about their online presence is the relevancy of their content. In other words, the more relevant their content is to the public, the more traffic they’ll enjoy. In a sense, medical organizations should start implementing SEO strategies to their websites to help customers find what they want. Features such as business blogs, discussion boards, symptoms checkers, medical bulletin boards, and many others help add content to websites.

Other than providing relevant content, the website must also be optimized for use on mobile devices as this is one of the most prominent ranking factors for Google. Because of this, a healthcare website must be able to respond to different screen layouts to better serve a wider audience.


2. Connecting Patients

The days of handing out brochures to customers are long gone. Now, information can all found on the website. Beyond being a place to store information in regards to practice and staff, websites should be interactive and personalized to each individual medical organization.


3. Scheduling Appointments

Probably the best thing an internet provides to patients is the ability to connect with physicians and schedule appointments. With an efficient medical scheduling system in place, doctors can save a lot of money and precious time.

According to research, over 30 percent of all scheduled appointments are missed. With an online booking system, this number can be brought down, reducing the loss of revenue. A booking system like this will send constant reminders to patients about an upcoming appointment.


Another great benefit to be gained from modern medical sites is the ability to provide consultation through text or teleconference solutions. With such a solution, multiple patients can visit a doctor at once.

The fact that the internet connects people all around the world means that a hospital with online services isn’t limited to its local area. Remote and international customers can now schedule and visit the hospital, increasing revenue by a significant amount. For any other patients with limited professional healthcare providers, online doctor consultations can be helpful. Features can also be offered to clients to add conveniences such as home delivery, home visits, or even online billing and payment.

In summary, there are so many benefits that await medical organizations to have web developers work on their websites. With the promise of an increase in revenue, website traffic, and a broader audience, a professionally built site can act as one of the hospital’s most significant assets.

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