3 Mistakes to Avoid to Find the Right Web Hosting in Thailand

3 Mistakes to Avoid to Find the Right Web Hosting Service

If you are new to the world of web hosting in thailand, you are probably navigating tech jargon and what-not to find the right service for you. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take your time to get to know the service so that you can address your brand’s needs.


Additionally, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the common mistakes some people make when it comes to choosing a web hosting service. That way, you can avoid them and prepare yourself in case you do experience them.


Here are some common mistakes that you should keep an eye out for:


  1. Using free hosting


Free hosting is undeniably attractive, and you might think it’s a practical option for your business startup. But is it, really?


If you are only running a blog as a hobby or for a community, then, by all means, use a free web hosting service. However, you might want to use a paid service if you will use it for your brand. Websites under free hosting are a huge turn off to consumers. It creates the impression that you can’t be bothered to invest in your website, which may also mean that you’re not serious about what you do.


Moreover, search engines do not favor websites hosted on free services. That’s not all—free web hosting is unreliable when it comes to speed, uptime, and availability. And because it’s free, don’t expect any compensation if you experience site downtime or worse, it completely disappears.


3 Mistakes to Avoid to Find the Right Web Hosting Service


  1. Choosing a web host based on price alone


Your budget understandably plays a huge factor when it comes to choosing a web hosting service. However, that’s not the only factor that should drive your decision.


Many individuals assume that all web hosting is the same; therefore, they purchase the cheapest option. Others believe that price determines quality, so they go for the highest-priced package to get the best service. These are both misinformed.


What you should remember is that you should not make your decision based on the price alone. Instead, research and set a budget. From there, check out web hosting services that can meet your needs and choose the one that will suit them.


You should also remember that the price you see on web hosting ads is the monthly price. When you’re ready to check out, you’ll be surprised that the amount will be multiplied by 12 months plus VAT.


Choosing a web host based on price alone

  1. Choosing A web host with no refund guarantee


Before you get a web hosting service, one of the most important things to check is whether or not the provider offers a refund guarantee. Should you change your mind, you won’t have to throw all your money away. Additionally, it provides a sense of security for when your site grows and you need to switch to a new host that can better accommodate your needs. Read the refund policy thoroughly and understand its terms and conditions.




These are web hosting mistakes to avoid if you want to get the right web hosting service for your brand. Research is vital in your search for a reliable web hosting service. Take time to compare web hosting services, read reviews, and gain basic knowledge on web hosting before you purchase a package or a service. Remember, the web hosting provider you choose will have a significant impact on your online business operations, so choose wisely!


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